Welcome to my world of unique and fascinating creations!​

Discover the magic of our meticulously designed and custom made handcrafted.

Each piece is a combination of creativity and passion, ready to bring your decor to life, provide special moments and become meaningful amulets.

My products are made from shells and oysters, finished in gold/silver designs. Made in France by Samarys, these unique pieces are exported around the world, celebrating natural beauty with elegance and sophistication.

Explore the unique beauty of seashells in our creations. Each piece is carefully decorated with designs celebrating marine nature, bringing a touch of elegance and serenity to your decoration.

Les huîtres, symboles de mystère et de préciosité, prennent vie dans nos créations. Nos dessins capturent l’essence de l’huître, la transformant en une toile d’expression artistique. Chaque pièce célèbre les merveilles de l’océan, enrichie de touches d’or et d’argent. 

La coquille Saint-Jacques est le symbole emblématique des pèlerins qui s’y rend à Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Un voyage spirituel ou les marcheurs méditant sur leur vie en se connectant avec leur soi intérieur et la nature. 

If you wish to purchase my products, please choose among the items on display. Click on “online store” or the store logo at the top right of your screen. You will be transferred to the Tresors de la Mer safe online payment method SUM UP. Do choose your item, its size and quantity. Please send an WhatsApp or email with your singled out image once your payment is completed. At once i will confirm the delivery date. An accurate item measurement picture will be sent to you to confirm your chosen one. Thank you! I look forward to doing business with you.  Samarys

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