The sea carries a deep mystical energy capable of sinking our mind and soul. According to many traditions, each element of the sea, whether waves, salt or shells, contains a unique energy that can be absorbed by whoever consciously connects with it. Shells store waves of energy that bring purification and spiritual balance, carrying ancient secrets. By meditating with a conch shell, some believers can access hidden knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Santiago’s shells have the virtue of powerful energy. Once placed in the north, it purifies and energizes your environment, as well as all objects found in them. It can also be used with plants and animals.

Santiago de Compostela

The Concha de Santiago is the emblematic symbol of the pilgrims who head there to Santiago de Compostela. A spiritual journey where walkers meditate on their lives seeking and connecting with their inner self. Carrying with you, the shell represents the internal standard that each of us must pass to find our own truth.

The Concha de Santiago has a profound energy potential. She invites us to meditate on our own inner journey, to reconnect with nature and to share our experiences with love. It is the symbol of a spiritual journey that guides us to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

We can also share it by evoking the notion of spiritual communication where we share our experiences and our teachings, thus strengthening our spiritual ties.

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